The sculpture Mapping can be found on the approach to Portrunny Harbour and was commissioned by Waterways Ireland as part of the upgrade project on Porturnny marina. The sculpture can be found at the entrance to the car park and floating marina. A local artist, Margo McNulty created the sculpture. The chosen photographic images, etched in copper, reflect the location as well as the waterways. The title of the work, Mapping, invites the viewer to position themselves and make sense of the work. In doing so, they have to bring their own experiences to find meaning.

About Margo McNulty
Margo McNulty was born in Achill Island, Co. Mayo and studied Fine Art in GMIT and completed her MFA in NCAD, Dublin. She currently lives in Kiltoom, Co Roscommon. McNulty’s practice is comprised of many different media including: painting, etching, lithography, video and photography. Her work is influenced by traditions inherent in Irish culture and deals with themes such as hidden history, memory and place. The work concerns itself with episodes of chance, the intersection of personal and public histories and how these histories and meanings can be embedded in material objects.
McNulty has exhibited widely over the last few years with solo exhibitions and group shows in Ireland, Sweden, Poland and the UK. She has taken part in a number of Irish and international residencies, and her work resides in major collections nationwide.