Shannon View School

Shannon View National School also known locally as ClooncahSchool is located approx. 1.5km from Portrun, although it lies on the Kilteevan Parish side of the River Hind it was considered the local school for children resident in Portrun, it also served children from Cloonmore, Clooncraff and Clooncah as it was closer in proximity than their Parish school of Kilteevan.  Children from some of the local islands on Lough Ree, namely Inchcleraun and Clawinch attended. Clooncah School was active from 1916-1967.

It was common for children to travel to school by foot, oftentimes across rocky roads and through bogland. At that time children could enrol for school from the age of 4 and generally left in their early teens or even younger to work on family farms etc. The school was heated by means of an  open fire, each child was charged with bringing a “sod” of turf from home to school each day, this was used as heat for the building.

Shannon View School first opened its’ doors as a one room school with one teacher, it was officially opened by Canon Cummins.

There had been an older school dating back to the famine times, this school was located 100m away and on the opposite side of the road.



1916- 1920 Ms Margaret Hanley (Portrun)

1920-1927 Mr Patrick Greally

1927-1930  Mr Gerry Deary (Gaeltacht)

1930-1940 Mr Jimmy Finn ( Roscommon)

1940-1960 Ms Wall, nee Neilan (Kilteevan)

1960-1964 Miss Griffin

1964-1966 Mrs Sullivan (Athlone)


Other Teachers:

1929-1938 Ms Noreen Higgins (Kilteevan)

1938 Miss Murry,(Mrs Quinn) (Lisphelim, Knockcroghery)

Miss Conheeney (Ballymurry)

Miss Pearl Griffin (Ballinasloe)

Number of students enrolled:

  • December 1919 – Boys 15, Girls 20
  • March 1920 – 54


The Gathering 2013

In 2013 a National initiative was undertaken, the purpose of this was encourage the Irish dispora both at home and abroad to return to their native areas to reinvigorate the local towns and villages. Shannon View School past pupils and locals arranged a very successful “Gathering” event where past pupils of Shannon View School or anyone associated with the area at any time were invited to “re-unite”, some photos from this event are inserted below.

Photos shown below were taken at the The Gathering Event, Shannon View School September 2013 by Andrew Fox – photos and names of attendees at the event are shown in number order;

# 1 John Killion, Paddy Tully and Mike Kelly.

# 2 Michael McDermott, Tom, Lyons, Pauline Kelly and Seán McDermott.

# 3 Elaine, John, Carmel and Mary Killion.

# 4 Monica and Daniel Farrell and Seamus and Patricia Farrell.

# 5 Catherine Keogh and Elaine Killion.

# 6 Mark Molloy and Jane Brennan.

# 7 Kathleen Dunleavy, Beatrice Murphy and Angela Rock.

# 8 Former pupils of Shannon View NS pictured at the Shannon View National School Gathering.

# 9 Shannon View School The Gathering Committee Members :  John Devaney, Pat Devaney, PJ Glennon, Phil Naughton, Pat Lyons, Mae Byrne, Alan McCormack and PJ Gannon. Picture: Andrew Fox

# 10 Catriona Kane, Lily Kane, Teresa McDermott Smyth and Oliver Smyth.

# 11 Kathleen O’Rourke Reddington, James Reddington and Oliver Smyth.

# 12 Teresa Devaney, Bernadette Devaney, Angela Mugan and Aisling Rock.

1938 National Schools Collection

In 1938 a National Schools Collection was made to collect folklore by primary school students, who spoke to people in their locality and wrote their stories. These are some examples from Shannon View School and Knockcroghery School.