Portrunny Join the Fight to Protect the Bee

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Portrun Development Association with the support of the Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund (2018) received a grant to set up Portrunny Apiary. We are now delighted to announce that Portrunny Apiary is now operational, and members of our community are encouraged to become involved in the apiary and learn the necessary skills required to successfully help our pollinators survive. A local bee keeper has also come on board and we now have the two bee hives set up in Portrunny for the community to learn and become aware of our key pollinators.

We have named this project –Portrunny Aipary.It is anticipated that Portrunny Aipary –currently in its infancy ‐ will encourage members of the community who are interested in biodiversity and bees in particular, to come out and learn together the art of beekeeping. We hope that in this way, the number of hives in the locality will grow over time. This will be educational and fun, with the added benefit of some beautiful local honey produced at the end of the season, and all the while contributing to protecting the environment and local biodiversity for future generations!

If you are interested in getting involved in this project we would be delighted to hear from you –we are always keen for new people to come and join in the fun. Simply contact a member of Portrun Development Association, or send us a message through Facebook or at info@portrun.ie