Cloonsellan Song

Long life to you Cloonsellan men,
your equal can’t be found.
Your hands on hazels did not fail
to clear the curry ground.

In a haze they were sleeping
and never dreamt or alarmed.
But the hardy sons of Erin’s Isle
always woke revived.

And sheep and bullocks they did drive
up to the landlords door.
And told his son that the day had come
when good land was for the poor.


Boating on Lough Ree (John Keegan Casey’s original poem)

I am sad and lonely

In this far out west

The happy scenes of bygone days

Each night distrub my rest

For in this faithful heart of mine

Forgotten never shall be

The days I spent with Mary Bawn

A boating on Lough Ree

She was young and handsome

And gentle as a fawn

Her eyes they shone like diamonds bright

Or stars at early dawn.

Her smiles she had for everyone

Her kisses all for me

In my dreams i gaze on Mary’s face

A boating on Lough Ree

When she pledged herself to be my bride 

How happy then was I 

How fleeting then the joys of life

How swiftly they go by.

But the heaven’s light shone in her eyes

She was too good for me

An angel marked her for his bride

And took her from Lough Ree.

I’ve crossed o’er many a thorny path

My hair is silvery hue

A thrilling voice rings in my mind

In tones I can’t subdue

A lonely farmstead haunts my sight

A pleasant face I see

It’s features of my Mary Bawn

A boating on Lough Ree