leave no trace

Roscommon County Council in partnership with Leave No Trace have selected Portrunny to provide training. It is on 7th of October at 10 am at Portrunny Harbour. Leave No Trace is an outdoor ethics program designed to promote and inspire responsible  outdoor recreation. Portrun development Associaton are privilaged to host this day long active engagemen in variious activities. This day is primarily focused on engaging the local community, where those who participate will be certified as Leave No Trace Champions. those who participate will in turn promote awareness and inspire responsible attitudes towards our natural environment. It is aimed at anyone who enjoys the outdoors, walkers, cyclists,anglers, etc who avail of the the local amenities and in particular the local people. Preregistration is required, please contact 087 9814354




Leave No Trace training is an international program that promotes ethical environmental behaviour, which adhers to 7 core principles.

1)Plan Ahead And Prepare

2)Be Considerate of Others

3)Respect Farm Animals And Wildlife

4)Travel and Camp On Durable Ground

5)Leave What You Find

6)Dispose of Waste Properly

7) Minimise the Effects of Fire